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Date Impounded:  1/7/2019
Date To Be Sold:  1/26/2019
Location Found:  11490 FM 1816, Bowie
Description of Livestock:  On 1/7/2019 Deputy Sawyer with the Montague County Sheriff's Office was dispatched to 11490 FM 1816 for a report of an estray. 1 heifer, approximately 1 year old was estrayed from the area North of Bowie on 1816. The heifer weighs approximately 600 lbs, is smoke in color with a white face and has no brands or ear tags. The heifer has a notch in the left ear. It is believed to be a Charolais/Hereford mix.

**Contact the Montague County Sheriff's Office at 940-894-2871 if you believe this/these to be your estrayed livestock.


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