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County Jail

Jail Captain                       Carolyn Berryman

Jail Sergeant                     Jean Meyers

Jail Corporal                     Clint Cearley

Jailers                                Kenny Greene

                                           Josh Heron

                                           Eddie Cashion

                                           Matthew Sawyer

                                           James Perkins

                                           Jimmy Reyes

                                           Kennith Adams

                                           Mitchell Eldred

                                           Stacy Hudson

Transport Officers            Art Ferguson                                           

Nurse                                 Martha Buck

Dispatch Sergeant            Missy Lanford

Dispatch Corporal            Daniel Carter

Dispatchers                       Barbara Reaves

                                            Stephany Womack

                                            Jalyn Blevins

                                            Jamie Tully



The Montague County Detention Center is located at 111 South Grand St Montague, Texas. It is a 101 bed facility designed as an indirect supervision style correctional facility. The Montague County Detention Center has  22 employees consisting of a Jail Administrator who oversees the Jail and Transport Division. The Jail Division consists of 2 shifts with a Sergeant, Corporal, and Detention Officers whose duties include implementing Jail policy while maintaining a safe and secured environment for both inmates and staff. The Jail is commanded by Jail Administrator Carolyn Berryman.